How to survive a long flight

Flights, especially long ones, can be extremely boring. Especially when it’s early in the morning or late in the night and you’d do anything to just teleport to your destination. Or when you can’t wait to start your holiday, but you’re stuck for two hours in the airport and then you’re stuck for several more hours on the plane. Yucks!

There are also the flights which take you home from your trip — home, to school, work and a well established timetable. And that sucks even more. It is like the flight doesn’t end, it just gets longer and you have plenty of time to think about how your holiday ended.


But we’re not here to talk about how long flights can be, but about how we can enjoy them and make the time fly, not only the plane.

Read, read, read

That’s what I mostly do on the plane. I just take a book from home — one I really wanted to read — or I buy one from the news shop you can find in every airport. If I’m on my way to a destination, I sometimes read the travel guide or just look at beautiful pictures of the place I’m going to see. Reading can really make the time fly, especially when you read something catchy.

Listen to music

For a long time, I have got used to the habit of listening to music while I’m on the plane. It is really relaxing, it blocks the voices of the kids near and it makes me forget how long the flight is. Just make a playlist and include all the songs you like, grab the headphones and relax.


Watch a movie

I always put five or more movies on my iPad before I leave somewhere. It’s a really great way to kill time and it’s really enjoyable. On the plane I’ve seen many movies I wanted to watch but I didn’t have the time to. I’ve watched some of my favourite movies while I was on the plane. Some of them were Prince of Persia, Godzilla, The Art of Getting By, The Perks of Being a Wallflower or Skyfall. So it’s a great way to survive and enjoy a long flight.

Talk with the ones around you

Talking with the people who sit near you it’s a great way to kill time and to get to know other people. You can learn lots of things and, moreover, you can make friends. I’m not a very talkative person, so I don’t tend to do that a lot, but if there’s someone interesting near you, you can engage in a conversation about how interminable is the flight.



Can you just turn off the lights? I just want to sleep. This is one of the thoughts I always have on long flights. Especially if I leave early in the morning and I’ve slept only for a couple of hours. But the lightsss! How can you get a shut-eye? Nope, no sleep for you. You, on the other side, can try and do that. Maybe you’ll be luckier or more tired than me!

These are the tips I could think of about how you can survive a long flight. If you think about the place you’re going to land and the things you could visit and how great can be your holiday, then I guarantee that your flight won’t be so bad.

Sit back. Relax. And let the plane take you to your new adventure!



14 thoughts on “How to survive a long flight

  1. I always have a window seat and can sit and watch the world go by for hours and hours when on a plane. I always take a large water bottle (and get it filled after security) as well as ipad, ipod ear buds and a charged portable batter recharger.


  2. I’ve never been on a long flight (max 4 hours) and never flown with my children. I’d love the thought of watching movies and sleeping through the whole thing, but I assume my toddler would have other ideas. There’s seriously only so much ‘In the night garden’ I could take x


  3. As a mum the thought of a long flight by myself sounds blissful! Watch a few films I’ve been meaning to see, read that book I never finished. The possibilities are endless. A long flight with my children? Terrifies me!!! X


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