My first time abroad


The first time I left Romania, the country I come from, was back in 2002, I think. I’m not so sure, but it was around that time. I went with my parents to Galway, Ireland to visit my aunt.

There was no direct flight to Dublin and we had to change one plane and I remember that, as an energetic child, I was so bored on the airport we changed the plane. Then, while being over the United Kingdom, was a set of turbulence and I was the only one who liked it and was shouting: “I want mooore!”

When we arrived in Dublin, we went to take the bus to Galway and the only thing I remember about the car trip was that it was really chilly in the bus, because it had many stops. Too many.

Being away from Bucharest, where the weather is really… normal. No excessive rain or snow. Well, Ireland… Oh my God, is there a place where it rains more than here? That was the thought that loomed through my mind over and over again. Five minutes it was sunny, then it was raining. And it was summer.


I remember that from Galway we bought the biggest umbrellas we have. Under it, we can fit the three of us without any problem.

Apart from the weird weather, my first time abroad was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. I’ve done some crazy things, I’ve seen some great things and I’ve had a great time.

One of the craziest things I’ve ever done was to get into the 18 degree water with my dad. We were near the ocean one day and I really wanted to take a bath and our luck was that it was sunny for five minutes so we got in. It was freezing and five minutes later it started raining. Apart from that, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.


I have one funny memory from when we were strolling through Galway. We were walking behind two people and one of them, a girl, was wearing something really weird and we were joking about the way she dressed. I must mention that I was extremely sick, my nose was full of mucus. My dad said something really funny and I tried to maintain my laughter because I didn’t want the woman in front of us to see that we were joking about her clothes. Guess what, I didn’t succeed. I didn’t laugh, but all my mucus filled nose rebelled and all that stuff came out, hanging from my nose. I looked so horrible back there and the woman looked back and realised what we were talking about, but now it’s sooo funny. It’s a memory that always makes me laugh.


The first time I went abroad, I met one of my favourite dishes: fish and chips. Even now, I can recall that happy moment, that evening in the city centre, when we stood at a table with wooden benches at a pub. Oh, they were so delicious.

I should probably tell you about the tourist attractions I’ve visited back then, but I don’t remember much. But I can tell you that I’ve seen one place that impressed me really much. *searches on the internet because she forgot the name of the place* Okay, so they were called the Cliffs of Moher and they are really spectacular. Incredible. They rise above the wild Atlantic Ocean and they rise more than 214 meters above the water. There are no barriers so it’s a dangerous place, but it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It’s so natural and wild.


There we’ve also visited some great beaches, which looked really awesome, and many beautiful castles. It’s a shame that I don’t remember their names, but I remember how impressive their architecture was.

This is the story of my first time abroad, with the good and the funny. In the ending, I’d like to recommend a trip to Ireland to any traveler. It’s such a great place and it would be a shame if you’d miss it.



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