Dubai – Welcome to the future!

I was thinking about what should I write next and, as I previously wrote about my first time abroad, I decided to tell you about the first time I traveled somewhere outside Europe.

So, the first time I left Europe for a holiday was in December 2012, when my parents and I went to Dubai to spend the New Year’s. You can imagine how exited I was about going there – I was fascinated by their culture and I just wanted to see ‘the city of the future’.


On the four or five hour flight to the United Arab Emirates, I was restless, kept looking at the clock to see when we’ll arrive and tried (but failed) to watch a movie. For me, it was so awesome because it was the first winter holiday we were to spend in a country where it wasn’t snowing or cold. Even now I remember how I kept saying, “And I’m going to spend the first day of 2013 on the beach.”

When we arrived, we were faced with a long, LONG queue at the entrance in the country. It was so hot outside and we were dressed in coats and boots because back home it was snowing when we left. And we waited for, like, an hour at that line, sweating, but very enthusiastic.


After all the airport-related stuff we’ve passed through, we were finally out of the building and I had the first taste of Dubai on the car to the hotel. It was evening and all the buildings were lit and it was like magic, I felt like I was dreaming. Do you know the faces of the people in the movies who go to a place for the first time and they are in the taxi and look at the lights outside and smile? Yup, that was me. “Am I really here?”, was playing through my head. I have never been before Dubai to a city full of skyscrapers and I was really amazed, especially when we drove past Burj Khalifa.


At the hotel, we had a room at the 20 something level and the view was breathtaking. AMAZING. I can’t say anything more.

What can I tell you about the trip to Dubai? Whoa. Let me gather my thoughts.

One day we’ve visited the ‘Old Town’ of Dubai, with their Dubai Museum and the Dubai Creek. It was so interesting as I knew nothing about their culture and I got to learn a lot. After the visit to the museum, we took one of their traditional boats, called ‘abra’, and we crossed the Creek to the other side, where there are their markets. The Gold Market or the Spice Market are incredible places. In the Gold Market you can see beautiful jewellery and, of course, the biggest diamond ring in the world (and it’s quite impressive!).

When you go to Dubai, you shouldn’t miss the Safari – the desert trip. It’s one of my favourite things I’ve done there. We went with the 4×4 cars in the desert and it was like one of those crazy rides at the theme parks. It was such an amazing and adrenaline-full experience to see the mounts of sand and absolutely nothing else besides the other cars. It felt like I was on Mars. After the drive, we went to a camp in the desert where we ate (camel meat, sorry camel), we watched an incredible traditional dance and we could make henna tattoos.


Oh, I couldn’t miss to talk about the malls. After all, Dubai is famous for its malls, apart from other things. I love shopping and Dubai is a HEAVEN FOR SHOPPING ADDICTS. Even if you aren’t a shopping addict, if you go there, you’ll become one. Seriously, their malls are INSANE. They have a freaking aquarium or a ski resort in them! I am speechless.

Now let’s talk about the buildings which made Dubai famous. Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest buildings in the world (if not the highest) and its architecture is insane. I adore the shape the skyscraper has. And it has a mosque at the 50th something floor. Besides Burj Khalifa, there is Burj al Arab, the one and only 7 stars hotel in the world. What can I say more about them? Go, go, Dubai!

As we spent the New Year’s in Dubai, we went to a party but it wasn’t really impressive. The impressive part was when the clock hit twelve o’clock and 2013 was there. We watched an insane firework show which was at Burj Khalifa and then we took a taxi to see the fireworks at Burj al Arab and how they projected on the hotel, “Happy New Year 2013”. Really nice firework show!

On the 1st January 2013? We went to the beach! It was so crazy to stay on the sand and go into the sea and to talk to my other friends who were freezing back home.


One word about Dubai? INSANE. Yup, that place is simply insane with the mix between old and new, with the breathtaking architecture and the culture.

You should really go to Dubai, because the city has so much to offer and, to me as an european, it came as a shock. I was shocked to see desert wherever I looked from the hotel balcony, I was shocked by the rule regarding all women to walk covered and I was shocked by all of it.

For me, Dubai is one of the cities of the future and a city that made me want to visit more cities of the future, like Hong Kong or Shanghai.



My first time abroad


The first time I left Romania, the country I come from, was back in 2002, I think. I’m not so sure, but it was around that time. I went with my parents to Galway, Ireland to visit my aunt.

There was no direct flight to Dublin and we had to change one plane and I remember that, as an energetic child, I was so bored on the airport we changed the plane. Then, while being over the United Kingdom, was a set of turbulence and I was the only one who liked it and was shouting: “I want mooore!”

When we arrived in Dublin, we went to take the bus to Galway and the only thing I remember about the car trip was that it was really chilly in the bus, because it had many stops. Too many.

Being away from Bucharest, where the weather is really… normal. No excessive rain or snow. Well, Ireland… Oh my God, is there a place where it rains more than here? That was the thought that loomed through my mind over and over again. Five minutes it was sunny, then it was raining. And it was summer.


I remember that from Galway we bought the biggest umbrellas we have. Under it, we can fit the three of us without any problem.

Apart from the weird weather, my first time abroad was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. I’ve done some crazy things, I’ve seen some great things and I’ve had a great time.

One of the craziest things I’ve ever done was to get into the 18 degree water with my dad. We were near the ocean one day and I really wanted to take a bath and our luck was that it was sunny for five minutes so we got in. It was freezing and five minutes later it started raining. Apart from that, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.


I have one funny memory from when we were strolling through Galway. We were walking behind two people and one of them, a girl, was wearing something really weird and we were joking about the way she dressed. I must mention that I was extremely sick, my nose was full of mucus. My dad said something really funny and I tried to maintain my laughter because I didn’t want the woman in front of us to see that we were joking about her clothes. Guess what, I didn’t succeed. I didn’t laugh, but all my mucus filled nose rebelled and all that stuff came out, hanging from my nose. I looked so horrible back there and the woman looked back and realised what we were talking about, but now it’s sooo funny. It’s a memory that always makes me laugh.


The first time I went abroad, I met one of my favourite dishes: fish and chips. Even now, I can recall that happy moment, that evening in the city centre, when we stood at a table with wooden benches at a pub. Oh, they were so delicious.

I should probably tell you about the tourist attractions I’ve visited back then, but I don’t remember much. But I can tell you that I’ve seen one place that impressed me really much. *searches on the internet because she forgot the name of the place* Okay, so they were called the Cliffs of Moher and they are really spectacular. Incredible. They rise above the wild Atlantic Ocean and they rise more than 214 meters above the water. There are no barriers so it’s a dangerous place, but it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It’s so natural and wild.


There we’ve also visited some great beaches, which looked really awesome, and many beautiful castles. It’s a shame that I don’t remember their names, but I remember how impressive their architecture was.

This is the story of my first time abroad, with the good and the funny. In the ending, I’d like to recommend a trip to Ireland to any traveler. It’s such a great place and it would be a shame if you’d miss it.


How to survive a long flight

Flights, especially long ones, can be extremely boring. Especially when it’s early in the morning or late in the night and you’d do anything to just teleport to your destination. Or when you can’t wait to start your holiday, but you’re stuck for two hours in the airport and then you’re stuck for several more hours on the plane. Yucks!

There are also the flights which take you home from your trip — home, to school, work and a well established timetable. And that sucks even more. It is like the flight doesn’t end, it just gets longer and you have plenty of time to think about how your holiday ended.


But we’re not here to talk about how long flights can be, but about how we can enjoy them and make the time fly, not only the plane.

Read, read, read

That’s what I mostly do on the plane. I just take a book from home — one I really wanted to read — or I buy one from the news shop you can find in every airport. If I’m on my way to a destination, I sometimes read the travel guide or just look at beautiful pictures of the place I’m going to see. Reading can really make the time fly, especially when you read something catchy.

Listen to music

For a long time, I have got used to the habit of listening to music while I’m on the plane. It is really relaxing, it blocks the voices of the kids near and it makes me forget how long the flight is. Just make a playlist and include all the songs you like, grab the headphones and relax.


Watch a movie

I always put five or more movies on my iPad before I leave somewhere. It’s a really great way to kill time and it’s really enjoyable. On the plane I’ve seen many movies I wanted to watch but I didn’t have the time to. I’ve watched some of my favourite movies while I was on the plane. Some of them were Prince of Persia, Godzilla, The Art of Getting By, The Perks of Being a Wallflower or Skyfall. So it’s a great way to survive and enjoy a long flight.

Talk with the ones around you

Talking with the people who sit near you it’s a great way to kill time and to get to know other people. You can learn lots of things and, moreover, you can make friends. I’m not a very talkative person, so I don’t tend to do that a lot, but if there’s someone interesting near you, you can engage in a conversation about how interminable is the flight.



Can you just turn off the lights? I just want to sleep. This is one of the thoughts I always have on long flights. Especially if I leave early in the morning and I’ve slept only for a couple of hours. But the lightsss! How can you get a shut-eye? Nope, no sleep for you. You, on the other side, can try and do that. Maybe you’ll be luckier or more tired than me!

These are the tips I could think of about how you can survive a long flight. If you think about the place you’re going to land and the things you could visit and how great can be your holiday, then I guarantee that your flight won’t be so bad.

Sit back. Relax. And let the plane take you to your new adventure!


If you had a million dollars…


If you had a million dollars, where would you go?

This is a question I have been asked many times over the years and every time I had different answers, probably because I want to visit so many places that I can’t always give the same answer.

In this exact moment, if I had a million dollars I’d like to spend it on a trip to the United States or to Thailand. I can’t decide between the two, I’d love to see them.


I’ve always wanted to visit the United States, it’s on my bucket list and I’m sure I’ll have the chance to go there. My dream trip to America starts from Los Angeles, from where I’d like to hire a car and go to Las Vegas – who doesn’t want to see the grand Vegas? (and get married to someone while being drunk) – and then to San Francisco. After that, I want to see the Grand Canyon, a must see if you ask me, and then to head towards Dallas and New Orleans (thank you, The Originals, because you made me love New Orleans and all the stuff about witches). Then, I want to go to Miami and then head north towards the famous Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Yup, Boston probably’ll be the end point of my dream trip.


Funny thing, I’d probably have to have two months to see all this places and to spend a couple of days in every town. Anyway, my itinerary it’s kind of ready, so when I’ll have the opportunity I could just make this dream trip a real trip.

Oh, and the shopping in the United States! This probably attracts me a lot, because there are so many brands that I can’t find in Europe. And the bookshops! I love everything that’s related to books, notebooks and drawing stuff. Oh, and the joys of spending the winter holidays in New York! I probably watch too many movies. Certainly, I do that.

What can I say about Thailand? I am just fascinated about the idea of visiting it, although I don’t know many things about this country.


My list of to-see things it’s pretty long and it’s easier for me to say that I want to visit the whole world, to see every country and to learn everything I can.

But enough about me, I want to hear what you’ll visit if you had a million dollars. Let your answers below in the comment section and I’ll be happy to read all of your answers! 🙂


How to have a great travel journal


Have you ever wanted to keep a travel journal, but you never succeeded? Do you want to have a unique travel journal, like the ones on Tumblr, but you don’t know exactly how to do that?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to either of those two questions, or if you just want to start a travel journal and you don’t know how, you’re in the right place!

I made a list with the things you should take into account if you want to create a great travel journal, and to have fun while you do it.

The looks are important 

If you like how your notebook looks, then you’ll like to write in it. That applies in my case and, maybe, it’s true for many other people.

You can buy a plain notebook and decorate it, or you can just buy one you like very much (and even then you can add stickers or draw on it). The whole idea is that you like it.


I would recommend you to buy a medium sized notebook (A5 size) because it’s easier to carry in the bag and it’s lighter as well. It would be better to have a hardcover one, because you never know where you’re going to write.

Note everything

Note everything about your trip: the itinerary, best/worst moments, what you want to see, people you met, opinions, what you ate, thoughts, feelings, things you really want to remember (like that small bookshop near the city centre).


These are just a few ideas, you can write about whatever crosses your mind regarding your trip, or not. You should have fun while writing it!

Keep it simple

You should write like you speak. Don’t try to add big words because they just sound well. Write like you’ll talk about all those things. It would feel familiar, easy and enjoyable. After all, it’s your travel journal, so it should sound like you.

Scrapbook it

This is one of my favourite parts about any journal. I like to keep things from my travels: tickets, brochures, maps and pretty everything I find somewhere and I can keep it. For quite a long time, I used to keep them in boxes in my room, but then I came to the conclusion that they would look better sticked in a notebook. After all, what were the chances for me to look in those boxes again?


So the main idea is that you can scrapbook it. You can stick plane or attractions tickets, photos, maps. You can even draw in it if you feel like it! Unleash your imagination, you’re not at school where you need to write in a certain style. It’s your travel journal, so make it messy if you want to, make it personal.

Map your trip

Before beginning your trip, you can print a map of the city or region you’re going to visit and stick it in your journal. Then, you can mark the places you’ve visited or the routes you’ve taken.

And now I’m going to tell you the most important tip:

Have fun

This is one of the things that you should do if it’s fun. If you don’t like keeping a travel journal, then don’t. If it feels like an obligation, don’t continue with it.

Keep a travel journal only if you have fun creating it!

So this is all guys and I hope this post helped you or gave you some ideas about what you should include in your travel journal.

Don’t forget: have fun and get creative!


7 must have things when you go on holiday


It’s been a long time since my last post, but I am back here and I’m going to tell you 7 must have things you need when you go on holiday.
Mainly, this is a list of things I think about and I always take with me when I go somewhere, and maybe you should too! Enjoy! 🙂

Don’t leave with big expectations

This is one of the typical mistakes everyone does. You decide to spend your holiday somewhere, let’s say London, and you have so many expectations because you’ve heard so many good things about London. And that’s a very bad thing, because you might find out that the place didn’t live to the expectations.

Let’s take my example. About three years ago, I spent one week in Athens, Greece. Because I’ve heard so many great things about how nice and impressive were the ruins on the Acropolis of Athens, my expectations were rather high. Even now, I really don’t know what I expected to see back then (unicorns, maybe?). I’m not going to say they are not impressive, because they are, especially if you think that they were build in a time when they didn’t have the technology we have today. But I expected, probably, something more than ruins and I only saw the remains of once beautiful temples.

Don’t tire yourself very much

Don’t tire yourself very much, especially in the first couple of days. I know, being in a new city makes you want to go to so many places in the same time and you end up squeezing in so many things in a daily schedule. My advice is to try and visit the city step by step. If you’re tired, then you won’t be able to enjoy what you’re seeing and it would be a waste of time. Made daily schedules, but not too busy and if you get tired before doing it all, then take a break. You can see that thing later, it won’t disappear!

Don’t visit places just for the sake of visiting them

One of the things I hear from different people is that: “I went to that museum/landmark/place just because I know it’s a must see”. You’re not passioned about history museums? You’d rather not visit the Science Museum in that city? The car museum everyone’s talking about doesn’t really interest you? Then don’t go there! It’s just as simple as that! If you’re not interested in a tourist attraction, then don’t visit it even if some people say it’s worth it. You shouldn’t go to places if you don’t really want to, just for the sake of saying, “I went to The Acropolis” and for a check in.
After all, you can visit the whole city, but not see anything.

Take a photo camera

When I leave the city I live in for a holiday, no matter how short or long, I always take my photo camera. Besides the fact that I’m passionate about photography, I think the photo camera is one of the things everyone should carry. With it, you can photograph so many beautiful parts of different cities, you can take group photos and the photos are a great way for you to never forget that awesome holiday.
I, for example, use a Nikon D5100 DSLR and a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Recently, I’ve come to love the GoPro because it’s easier to carry in the bag due to its small size and takes really good photos. You can’t compare the GoPro photos to the DSLR ones, but they have good quality and I love the fish-eye effect.

Pack a small notebook&pen


It’s no mystery that I love notebooks, but I think they are really important on a holiday. You can draw in them (if you’re into drawing), or you can take notes, or you can write down things like what you want to visit, opening and closing hours of attractions, details about your flight, things you want to remember about that place. There are so many uses for a notebook that, in my opinion, it’s vital!

Don’t forget the travel guide&map

The travel guide and the map are really important. The travel guide is good for informing yourself about the main attractions in the city and you can decide what you want to see and what you don’t want to see. Apart from that, it is good to know a little about what city you’re going to visit. And it’s really good if you’re bored in the plane and you don’t have anything else to read!
What can I say about the map? It’s really useful, especially in cities that have many narrow streets that give you the impression that you’re walking north when you’re actually going south. I know that now you can use a GPS and get out of that dire situation, but what if the GPS doesn’t work anymore? Better be prepared!


Don’t forget to enjoy your holiday!

It happened to me to be so concentred on seeing everything that there is to see somewhere, that I really didn’t have time to enjoy the holiday. Don’t do that. Do everything with measure, enjoy everything you do (if you don’t, then it’s a waste of your time), have fun and remember it’s a vacation YOU should like.
When I was in Rome, I remember that I did so many things that in the end I realised I haven’t enjoyed all of them due to being tired. For example, I remember clearly that I didn’t enjoy the Vatican Museum because I was extremely tired, my back and feet hurt and I just wanted to get out of there. So don’t do that!

So these are one of the things I take and think about before I leave on holiday and I thought it would be best if I shared my experiences with you.

What do you think about before visiting a city? And what do you take with you every time you go somewhere? I’d be really happy to read your answers! 🙂

And don’t forget! Enjoy your holiday and make the most of it! 🙂


Be a traveler, not a tourist


There’s a big difference between a traveler and a tourist and you should choose carefully what you want to be. If you look in the Oxford Dictionary, the words “traveler” and “tourist” have almost the same definition, so the difference is more subtle.

Over the years, I met many people who talked about the subject traveler vs. tourist. Some didn’t find any difference between the terms, some considered them to be travellers because it ‘sounded good’ and some admitted there is a slight difference between the terms. But this difference varies from person to person.


It is often said that “a tourist is a traveller without experience, and a traveller is an experienced tourist.” I couldn’t agree more with this quote and I’ll tell you why I think that.

To me, a tourist is a person who visits a city and wants to go to see the most important tourist attractions, who wants to snap a cool picture in front of all and to share it on Instagram or Facebook. A tourist doesn’t pay attention to all the details that make a city so beautiful, like the architecture of normal houses or the people and he always searches for the best souvenir shop in order to buy the best souvenir.


On the other side, a traveler tries to blend in, to see the unseen part of the city apart from the famous tourist attractions. A traveler tries to experience all the things the city has to offer, the good and the bad and wants to learn as much as he can. A traveler is curious about the lives of the people in the city. And, most of all, a traveler never wants to take a picture with the sole purpose of sharing it on the internet. For a traveler, a picture is more than an image to put in the internet, it’s a story, a memory.

Apart from the differences between a tourist and a traveler, I wanted to share with you a story I read half a year ago and changed my way of thinking.


Even if you are a tourist or a traveler, try to pay attention, try not to be ignorant, because this world is full of so many beautiful places and people that don’t deserve to be ignored. Let’s take, for example, a trip to the Louvre Museum. It is a well known thing that many people visit the Louvre to see the world famous Mona Lisa painting. Many people just stroll through the museum just to find that one painting, to photograph it and then they just stroll towards the exit happy that they saw the Mona Lisa. And they even have a picture of it!

Believe me, this is not a good thing. No doubt that Mona Lisa is a great painting, but there are so many beautiful pieces of art in the Louvre that should be seen that you shouldn’t limit yourself to that one. The Louvre is one of the biggest art museums in the world and hosts great works of art. Go and see the Venus de Milo statue, the Virgin of the Rocks painting by Leonardo da Vinci, The Astronomer painting by Vermeer or The Massacre at Chios by Delacroix. There is a huge list of beautiful artwork that should be seen. So don’t limit yourself! Try and see more. The more you see, the richer you are.


This reminds me of the quote that I love: “Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” If you have the privilege to travel, to visit so many amazing places, then don’t limit yourself. Try and see what surrounds us. Try and make most of it. Try and see the unseen part of a city because that tends to be the best. Don’t limit yourself to go to the tourist attractions from a tourist guide, go to places that aren’t so highly rated. When walking, don’t keep your head down and just walk. Look around yourself, watch the beauty in the small things, watch the people’s faces. By doing this, a holiday won’t just be a holiday where you relaxed, it will be an experience and you will come home richer — not regarding money, but regarding spiritual richness.

Whether you’re a traveler or a tourist, it doesn’t matter which, just try and open your eyes and see the most of it. Try and see the art pieces that aren’t in the travel guides, try and take a walk to a normal quarter of a town, sit at a neighbourhood cafe or restaurant and have something traditional to eat and drink. It’s usually this little gems that are the best, not the over rated things.


A YA book: The Young Elites by Marie Lou


A few weeks ago, I found myself in the bookshop looking for a new book to read. I was in the Young Adults section and all I saw were books I’ve already read. But I really wanted something YA, so I stayed maybe an hour, looking at every book hoping to find something interesting.

When I was almost sure that I wasn’t going to find anything good and I was ready to give up, my attention was caught by a book which looked quite simple regarding the cover, but the author made me think it was something nice. It was “The Young Elites” by Marie Lu.

Marie Lu is an author of Young Adults books and the writer of one of my favourite trilogies – Legend (which I believe was her first trilogy, but I don’t know that for sure). I loved those YA books because they were fast paced, full of action and the characters had a development and also they were quite likeable.

Surprise, surprise, “The Young Elites” had the same traits that made me like “Legend”.

Let me tell you something about the story. It is a darker subject, though. The world the characters live in was plagued by a deadly illness about 15 years before the moment of the action. All the people affected by the ‘blood fever’ died or, if they were lucky to survive, then they were left with strange markings and they were called ‘malfettos’. Moreover, in their nation, people believed that malfettos weren’t only differently physical, but they also possessed different powerful gifts. Not all of them, of course.

Adelina Amouteru is a teenager girl who survived the blood fever, but she paid a great price. She had lost her left eye and her hair turned from black to silver. As you probably believe, and you are right, Adelina, the heroine, is no normal girl. She, as a malfetto, is hated by her father and pales in comparison to her beautiful sister and one night everything changes for her when she accidentally unleashes her powers.

In their society there is a group of vigilantes called the Young Elites. They are a group of malfettos with special powers who fight against the Inquisition Axis, which is something like a government, I believe. This Inquisition Axis wants to kill all the malfettos and this group, known as the Young Elites, try to stop this discrimination.

Enzo Valenciano is a member of the Dagger Society, a sect of the Young Elites, which has the purpose to find malfettos with powers before the Inquisition can.

On the other side, Teren Santoro works for the king and he is the leader of the Inquisition Axis and he wants to find and destroy the Young Elites.

As you would expect, Adelina’s, Enzo’s and Teren’s lives collide in unexpected ways as each of them fights their personal battle.

I really loved the book because you can rarely find one in which the heroine isn’t perfect. That is probably why I liked Adelina – she is flawed on the outside and even in the inside she isn’t perfect. I also liked her because she was powerful in many ways. Thanks to this she was a very likeable character and people could relate to her. The other characters were nicely created as well and I really loved Enzo and his ability.

I would recommend “The Young Elites” by Marie Lu to anyone who likes Young Adult books, who wants to read a book with powerful and imperfect characters and who seeks a darker story with fast paced action.

Oh, and this book is part of a trilogy called “The Young Elites” and the second volume is going to appear in this fall I think.


Supernatural – “Hunting things, saving people.”

Today I decided to write about one of my favourite TV shows of all times – “Supernatural”. I came across this show four or five years ago, while I was talking with my classmate and she told me about it.


The story is about two brothers, whose mom died when they were small because of a demon who dragged her to the ceiling and burned her. From that moment, her husband, John Winchester (and the boys father), decided to change all their lives and to hunt the demon who killed Mary Winchester.

The first episode tells us a lot about what happened from the death of Mary Winchester until the boys grew up and became young adults. We are told that Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), the younger brother, quit the hunting life and headed to college, while Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), the older brother, stuck with his father and continued hunting. But the starting point of the boys adventure is the night when Dean shows up at Sam’s house in Stanford, telling him that their father went on a hunt and never came back. Well, I ain’t going to tell you what happens next, but you probably think that they’re going to take the road in order to find John. Yup, that’s right.

Now maybe you wonder what are the boys and John Winchester hunting. But you probably know already that they hunt all sorts of supernatural creatures, some of them I didn’t know that existed. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, wendigos, fairies, poltergeists, angels, demons, shape shifters and so much more — they have it all.

One of the best things about this show is that they don’t portray all this creatures like beautiful and inoffensive things, like how Edward Cullen was shown in “Twilight”. No, not even a second. They are shown like true monsters, capable to kill without having any kind of remorse.

After a search on the internet a couple of years back, I found out that the inspiration for this show, relating the creatures, has a true base. They were inspired by old tales from different countries, the Bible or stories. And I think that’s one great thing about Supernatural or about any show.

What can I tell you more about this TV show which premiered the 11th season a couple weeks ago?

Even though it’s a TV show with a lot of seasons and episodes, I guarantee that you’re not going to get bored! It’s extremely catchy and fast paced and every episode comes with something new that will make you love the show and the brothers even more. I, for example, finished the first season in two days. I watched 11 episodes per day and I was really obsessed by it.

I am a huge fan of Supernatural and this has nothing to do that I like reading horror stories or watching horror movies. It’s such a great show with great characters, which develop right under your eyes. Of course, it’s not only about serious things, it’s also a funny TV show, which makes you laugh a lot sometimes.

Moreover, this show makes some pretty great characters. For example, besides the brothers, my favourite characters? Lucifer and Death. I know this sounds pretty weird, but they are so nicely created and so nice that you cannot like them.

Oh, and the soundtrack is absolutely exceptional. They play songs from AC/DC, like “Highway to hell” or “You shook me all night long”, and they also play many other famous rock songs. It’s a delight for everyone who likes rock music.

So, I recommend this TV show to everyone. It’s a great show, really well made and really interesting. The actors do a really great job, they’re acting perfect. It never gets boring, really.

If you want to watch a really good TV show with adorable bromance, supernatural creatures and action, then this is the show for you. 🙂


Nassfeld – skiing where the sun shines

As the winter is slowly but steady approaching, I decided to tell you about the ski resort I’ve been to last winter.

This resort is located in the south of Austria, in the Austrian Alps, the region is called Carinthia and one of the closest towns to the ski resort is Hermagor. Moreover, Nassfeld is quite close to the border with Italy, the town Villach is approximately 50 kilometres east and its close to the border with Slovenia.

Nassfeld Ski Arena map

Nassfeld Ski Arena map

Nassfeld offers 110 kilometres of slopes, 39 pistes and 30 cables. It is quite a big resort and some of its slopes cross the border with Italy. Due to its location directly at the border with Italy, there is quite an Italian influence in the area, like cuisine.

The cable car which takes skiers to the top leaves from Tropolach, which is at an altitude of 610 m. Taking the cable car, you will arrive at a hight of 1919 m and the top of the mountain is called Skiplatz Madritsche. There is a shop, from where you can buy helmets of buffs and you can rent skis or snowboards from there, as well. Moreover, near the shop, you can find a restaurant, which has a beautiful terrace from where you can admire the breathtaking panorama.

Panorama from the top

Panorama from the top

From where the cable car leaves you, there are lots of pistes you can take. Most of them are red, but you can find blue ones as well. The pistes are different lengths and difficulties, but you will surely find some you’ll like.

One of the best things about Nassfeld Ski Arena in Hermagor is that it’s really sunny. We stayed there for a week and 5 out of 7 days it was sunny. It’s a pleasure to ski when the sun is up or to chill and drink a hot wine at one of the restaurants or cafes.

View from the top

View from the top

Of course, this ski resort is not perfect and it has its perks. One of the things I didn’t like is that the slopes are quite crowded (we went there for the New Year’s) on the slopes, at the lines to take a cable car and at the lines to buy a ski pass. If you don’t arrive early in the morning, around 9, then you’ll have to wait in so many places. And sometimes it’s quite annoying because you get tired before you have the chance to ski!

Apart from that, there is another inconvenient about this ski resort. If you don’t want to take the cable car from the top to the parking in the afternoon and you want to ski all the way down, then you have to change 3 cable cars and go down 4 slopes. There’s no direct way down and it’s really tiring to change 3 cable cars.


The cable cars are all modern and they are working really well, I don’t have anything bad to say about that. Moreover, the snow has a really good quality and they always maintain the pistes.

If you go in that area, then you have many other things to do apart skiing. For example, one day we took a trip to Lienz, a beautiful medieval town located 71 kilometres from Nassfeld. It’s a nice place to spend the day or the afternoon in the centre of the town. Moreover, we also took a trip to Villach, which is 67 kilometres from the ski resort.

All in all, the Carinthia region and the Nassfeld Ski Arena is a beautiful place to spend a week or to spend the Christmas or the New Year’s Eve. As it’s one of the top 10 ski resorts in Austria and as it’s a really nice place, which I liked, I would recommend everyone to go there.